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Meet Our Founder

Podcast Host, Author, Entrepreneur, and Global Teacher.

Meet Our Founder, Brandi Harvey


Brandi Harvey is the Founder of Beyond Her, Podcast Host, Author, Entrepreneur, and Global Teacher who believes the journey beyond begins within.

As the author of the personal transformation book Breakthrough Sold Separately, and creator of her 6-week Freedom School course, Brandi has taught thousands of women around the world how to break free from spiritual, mental, and emotional bondage and experience, freedom, clarity, and peace like never before.

From national and local appearances on the Steve Harvey Show, Sister Circle, Good Morning DC, Atlanta & Company, Essence Magazine, Redefining Wealth, Rolling Out, and serving as a contributing writer for Sheen Magazine, Brandi uses every vehicle she can to bring holistic wellness to women of color.

Authentic in spirit and a certified truth-teller, Brandi has captivated audiences in both the United States and abroad. Having graced the stages of Harvard Business School, Princeton University, Disney Dreamers Academy, NYU in Florence, Italy, and The United States White House, to name a few, Brandi is a premiere speaker and leader of this generation.

Recognized as iOne Digital and AT&T Dream in Black 2019 Creative Class member, a 2019 Blossom Award Recipient through the White Dress Project, a 2019 Women Build-Ambassador with Habitat for Humanity, a 2018 Ambassador of Change in Health and Wellness, and a 2018 Boss Woman of the Year. Brandi has been named Atlanta’s Top 100 Women in Business and has received the White House Drum Major of Service Award under President Barack Obama. Brandi Harvey is a woman on a mission to change her life and the world around her.

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