Updated: May 4

"Building wealth has 100% nothing to do with money and 100% everything to do with us and our mindsets towards money." - Brandi Harvey

Go beyond where you are today and experience lasting wealth, you can’t merely concern yourself with coupon cutting, budgets, and credit reports. Chasing the latest social media gimmicks to “stand out” and attract more clients is exhausting. It’s time for you to ditch any belief that your financial success is based upon relentless striving, stress, or struggle and create a new definition of wealth that honors your soul. You deserve to go beyond and live your life’s purpose, find fulfillment and earn more without ever chasing money again.

This is a safe place, right?

Then I feel comfortable letting you in on a secret:

I AM America’s Money Maven and I still don’t give a damn about your budget, your coupons, or whether you’re sipping a latte at this very moment.

I know that seems out of the ordinary for someone who has built an international brand as a finance expert, but the truth is after eight years of speaking on hundreds of stages nationally and delivering thousands of talking points on radio and television across the globe, I know that none of the soundbites the producers and conference organizers want you to hear so they can check their “We did our money talk” box, will ever help you become wealthy.

Do you know why?

Because I honestly believe that building wealth has 100% nothing to do with money and 100% everything to do with us and our mindsets towards money.

That’s why you’ve heard all the tips and tricks on savings, budgeting and debt elimination and you’re likely still not where you want to be.

I’m not saying you don’t look the part.

You may have the degree.

You may have the title and direct deposit.

You may have a beautiful home and fly car.

You may even have a social media following that adores your every move.

But here’s what I know about you. While most of society has been conditioned to see wealth strictly in financial terms like money, property, or material possessions, deep down you’re different or you wouldn’t be here.

You know that money is important, but you don’t want it to run your life which is why you hear the tips and tricks and you may even apply a few when and where it’s convenient, but you can’t seem to make them stick.